Alaybey Bozcaada Çanakkale


  • Aika Hotel Bozcaada is located in the North Aegean Çanakkaleye dependent.
  • Sea approximately 19 km from the Çanakkale Strait, It is the third largest island in Turkey
  • And is often referred to by its Ancient Greek name of Tenedos.
  • Bozcaada is only a 6-km ferry ride from the mainland.

General Information About Transport

  • İstanbul - Bozcaada 400 km
  • İzmir - Bozcaada 280 km
  • Bursa - Bozcaada 320 km
  • Çanakkale - Bozcaada 60 km

By Car

  • From İstanbul

      There are several alternatives from Istanbul with a total travel time of about 5 to 6 hours.
    • Take the Thracian route west via Tekirdag, Kesan, Gelibolu and Ecebat. From the Eceabat Port, cross the Dardanelles Strait on a 25-minute ferry to Çanakkale. Head south on the D550/E87 road in direction Izmir for approximately 30 km just passing Troy until reaching the Geyikli junction. Follow the Bozcaada/Geyikli ferry road signs directly to theGeyikli Ferryboat Pier and take the half-hour car ferry to Bozcaada. (Total 6-7 hours)
    • Alternatively, take the Thracian route and cross the Dardanelles via Gelibolu to Lapseki on a Gestas Ferry for 30 minutes, take a smaller private car ferry via Gelibolu to Çardak (15 min) or take a private car ferry from Kilitbahar to Çanakkale (5 min). The Gestas ferries run hourly. (Total 6-7 hours)
    • For less driving time, take the Bandirma route leaving Istanbul on the express car ferry from Yenikapi. Arrive in Bandirma after 1.45 hours and follow the route west via Lapseki to Çanakkale. Take the D550/E87 road south in direction Izmir for approximately 30 km just passing Troy until reaching the Geyikli junction. Follow the Bozcaada/ Geyikli ferry road signs directly to the Geyikli Ferryboat Pier. From there, take the half-hour car ferry to Bozcaada. (Drive 210km plus ferry time)

  • From İzmir

    • Drive north on the D550/E87 road in direction Çanakkale. Approximately 50 km south of Çanakkale follow the Bozcaada/ Geyikli signs leading away from the town of Ezine and 15 km to the Geyikli Ferryboat Pier. The travel time is about 5 hours.

By Boat

  • From Istanbul

    • For the Bandirma ferry schedule from Yenikapi/ Istanbul, please check the IDO Ferry website for up-to-date schedule changes and prices. The summer timetable usually begins June 20 until Sept. 19. The fare is about 30TL for passengers and 125TL for automobiles. ( For ferries leaving from Gelibolu, Ezeabat, Lapseki and Çanakkale please check the Gestas website (

  • To reach Bozcaada from the mainland

    • From Çanakkale there is a Sea Bus (deniz otobüsü) twice weekly on Wednesdays & Saturdays for pedestrians only. The fare is 10 TL. Please check the Gestas website for the summer schedule. ( From Geyikli take the Fast Ferry departing daily. In the winter there are generally three connections daily, while in the summer this number is increased to 7-8 roundtrips scheduled. Please note ferry schedules are subject to change. Roundtrip fares for the 30-minute ferry ride average 5TL for passengers and 45TL for cars + passengers. Please check the Gestas Ferry website for updated information (

By Plane

  • sitesinden kontrol ediniz.

    • Bozcadaa’ya en yakın havalimanı olan Çanakklae Havalimanı. Bozcaada'ya en yakın havaalanı Çanakkale'de bulunmaktadır. Geyikli Limanına yaklaşık 56 km mesafededir. Türk Hava Yolları'nın (THY) İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Havaalanı'ndan veya İstanbul Atatürk Havalimanı'ndan hergün seferleri bulunmaktadır.
    • İstanbul ve Ankara’dan kalkan uçaklar genelde gece saatlerinde olurken Çanakkale’den kalkan dönüş uçuşları sabahlarıdır. Önceden alınmış özel indirimli tarifeler tek yönlü ücretlendirme için 59TL artı vergi ile ücretlendirilir.

By Plane

  • Check the site.

    • The nearest airport to Bozcaada is the Çanakkale Airport about 56 km from the Geyikli Yükyeri Pier. Turkish Airlines (THY) provides daily connections from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport or Istanbul Atatürk Airport via Ankara to Çanakkale. Check
    • Get to the city centre about 2km away by minibus or taxi. From there, take the twice weekly ferry directly to the island or find the Geyikli Yükyeri Pier bus departing hourly.
    • There is also a new seaplane company known as Seabird that runs about 2 times oer week from the Golden Horn for about a 70 minute trip directly to the island.

By Bus

  • Check the following bus companies for more details

NOTE: The green arrows will take you Aika Andon and red arrows will take you Aika Alaybey.
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